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Various wood carvings. I started on summer vacation whittling the Y branch above, and been doing it ever since.
The Santa to the right was made from a piece of cedar found in Bermuda, thus the Bermuda shorts!
The above two wood spirits made summer vacation 2009.
The trio of carvings to the right done as Christmas presents 2009.
A chair I made from vines pulled down from the trees in my backyard. The vines were bothering me, so I pulled them all down and decided to make something out of them.
The chair is quite comfy and is still pretty flexible.
Bunny Hutch I built for Katie's original rabbit years ago.
It has housed two more since. And has has two additions.
Tree house I built for the kids in 2002. Swingset was a kit, but I decided to upgrade it a bit and built the treehouse onto it and onto the tree behind the slide. They and thier friends have had lots of fun in there over the years. It has rope lights around the roof edge. Mulched with playground mulch all around it makes a great little playground.