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Z scale layout
N scale layout
N scale layout
Tunkhannock, PA N-Track Module LAYOUT PHOTOS
Updated photos 11.09 at bottom
This is a three-piece modular layout replica of Tunkhannock PA, circa 1900 just up the Susquehanna river from Falls. Four foot center section flanked by angled three foot sections.
Below shows the original plans and beginning layout. Again many photos provided by the Wyoming County Historical Society gave me the reference needed for the layout. Including fire dept. maps of the entire city plan view from around 1900. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pawyomin/WCHS.html
Paper building mock-ups can be seen in the rightmost photo. I use these for planning the structures. They are made in Photoshop from the historical photos.
Planning for the layout involved research, scale drawings and lots of trial and error. The track plan changed several times trying to both adhere to N Trak standards and keep true to the prototype below, photo from 1892 courtesy Wyoming County Historical Society.
RIGHT--The layout set up in my basement.
Shown are the original Falls module and the three-piece Tunkhannock set. Finishing final wiring and making sure everything works for the WCHS show in Tunhannock.
You can see the leg structure for each module.
Each four foot module is independent of the others and are fixed together with "C" clamps.
Standard N-Trak cinch wiring connectors connent power through each module.
Bridge street view with the Lackawanna passenger train steaming through.
The layout set up in the Historical Society research library. Around 300 people visited that day.
Tunkhannock river view with steel bridge and saw mill behind.
Someone one said "In every movie, there is always an upset-the-apple-cart scene".
So I added one to my layout. Those new-fangled horseless carriages sure are a nuisance!
View up bridge street with the old covered bridge and main structures in view.
David Savage President of D.A.R.N. at the show. David provided the end loops, show equipment, expertise and moral support. The two of us set up and ran the show at WCHS, I could not have done it without him!
The saw mill area.
Dalton coach repair shop on Warren st. House is craftsman kit, repair shop is scratch built with left over details like the wagon wheels out front.
The center section 9.09 nearly complete with houses, businesses, trees and lots of new details. Always more details to add.
And I plan to repaint the backdrop as it was done quickly for a show.
Close up of Wyoming Ice, workmen icing up banana reefers.
Wyoming Ice just behind the depot. This was built from a craftsman kit.
New details around Gearhart foundry. All scratch built with some unique cast metal details like gandy dancer and tools.
Fire wagon built from Micro Engineering etched brass wagon kit.
the kit included two wagons, one I built as intended and the other one I modified and built as a turn of the century horse drawn fire wagon.
Cut down the sides and cut out the floor to accomodate a scratch built steam pumper engine and accessories. Its a tiny model (as you can see from the penny in the picture) but it looks good just coming out of the Tunkhannock fire house "Hose 1".