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Z scale layout
N scale layout
N scale layout
Falls, PA N-Track Module
N-Track is a modular system of building layouts that fit together at meets and conventions to form huge working railroads. I currently belong to an N-Trak club "D.A.R.N." (Delco Area Railroaders in N, darn-ntrak.com)
This is an average size module at 2' x 4'. It is modeled after historic photos of a place I know well since childhood around my original hometown in Falls, PA (Scranton area) along the Susquehanna. Buttermilk falls spills into the river through the viaduct which is the only structure still there. The Wyoming County Historical Society graciously provided me with many photos of the area circa 1900. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pawyomin/WCHS.html
The wood frame and foam beginnings. Plastering is done.
Painting and rock-work begins. Most of the rock is real, collected from the very spot I'm modeling. Starting to add scenery now.
Had to model White's ferry, the only way to cross the river in 1910. I have yet to pour the water in the Susquehanna and Buttermilk falls.
Scratch-built structures modeled after the prototype are finally getting done.
Finally done, about 10 months work. Envirotex poured for the water, front historical panel shows the reference photos of the prototype. Backdrop is painted in acrylics on 3/16 luan.
Buttermilk Falls.
Acetate sheets cut to fill the vertical sections. Envirotex polymer poured over them. Then Woodland Scenics Water Effects drawn on for shape and thickness. A little acrylic white dry brushed over high spots. Finally a little poly fiber added for foamy water.
View up the line. It really looks like the prototype photos. The depot with lighting and people.
D.A.R.N. 2005 Thanksgiving show at MacDade Mall
"D.A.R.N." (Delco Area Railroaders in N, darn-ntrak.com) puts on an annual show at the MacDade Mall in Holmes, PA. About 30 modules strung together to form a very large layout running 5 or 6 trains of anywhere from a few cars long to 100+ cars. This was the debut of my Falls module and seemed to be well recieved.
National Model Railroad Expo 2006 Philadelphia
Independence Junction, the NMRA Expo in Philadelphia 2006. My Falls module won Second place in the module contest from around 100 entries. A proud moment considering it was my first module and first National show!