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Z scale layout
N scale layout
N scale layout
Z scale shelf layout
This 4' x 2' layout is modeled loosely after a small Pennsylvania coal mining town. A nice, PORTABLE little layout.
The platform is made from 3/16" black foam core grid.
The track and throttles are Marklin as Barb gave me a Marklin Z starter kit for Christmas some years ago. Track is block wired for dual cab operation and there are many lighting features. Most structures are Micro Engineering etched brass kits, along with a few plastic kits.
It took about three years to get it to this mostly finished state.
The edge of town brings you across the double track main-line crossing. Coming into town you may be delayed by the road work going on as a diesel passes by.
Old Marklin 0-4-0 picks up passengers at the station while the 4-6-2 passes with a frieght load.
If you come into town early evening on a Saturday there will probably be a line-up at the local cinema. Note lighted marquis, street lights and interior lighting as well as working traffic light.
The 4-6-2 steam work horse loads up with coal at the other edge of town.
Diner, gas station and hotel all Micro Engineering etched brass kits. Diner has interior complete with lighting and silverware on the tables.
SAT manufacturing plant with loading dock and incinerator building.
PRR E8 pair coming round the farm house bend.
Note sheep and the attendant shepard on the hill behind.
The Mayor's house and gazebo, both ME brass kits.
Fire House next to the Theater. Note the old time fire engine parked next to it. Also ME brass kit.
The PRR GG1 pulling up to the station.
The 4-6-2 steamer fueling up at the shed.