Impermanent Things




Creatures Great & Small


Science doesn't have wisdom, religion doesn't have empirical knowledge.
Niether is entirely correct or entirely incorrect.
Religion causes war, science creates the bombs.
Humans created both.

In the beginning there was ONE THING. A singularity without form and void. Yet within it, was contained all the potentiality of a universe.
It was downright boring, so it "decided" to become MANY THINGS.


At first the effect was unquantifiable in our terms, the closest we can get is a massive outpouring of energy. Newtonian physics do not operate at this level, indeed they don't exist yet. Rudimentary forces and governing laws are created as the "stuff" expands. As these archetypal laws are formed they take particular angles and curves determining what will happen next. In fact creating creativity. As the process unfolds things get denser, pathways and chaotic forms emerge. They etch ripples and ribbons which get deeper and more resolute. Energy and particles it creates begin to run along these pathways which, in turn pull other energies and particles along these pathways, thereby deepening the ruts they follow. As these ruts deepen they begin to condense the energies and particles running through them. I imagine it like frost growing on a windowpane. It grows in an apparently random pattern but the patterns themselves become self reinforcing creating repeating regularity within the apparent randomness.

The governing laws themselves are being formed through this method of building upon what has gone before and by the force of their becoming they create more and more regularity. Winds blow waves across the deep void. Waves create light and particles which continue to cool and crystallize. Everything gets denser, the pathways, the archetypes and governing laws, atoms coalesce into light matter. Space/time is created.

Not all of the original "stuff" changes form, it merely ADDS form. All that went before continues to exist. Remember the point was to become many. This is all inclusive. The singularity still exists, the original energy exists, the archetypes form themselves which in turn form other denser things. Yet all of it continues to coexist.

Things start to come within rough human understanding, at least at an intuitive level. As things cool and condense, more and more forms emerge. Cooling and slowing continue, deepening the pathways it has dragged with it. Habits are reinforced and Newtonian physics begins to emerge. We can then pretty much picture how the visible or measurable universe was formed. Matter and energy cooled into spinning discs which formed meta-galaxies which formed galaxies which formed solar systems which formed planets and gross matter. Make no mistake, all that has gone before is still there. As science has shown us we cannot account for enough matter in the universe, 90% is "dark matter" or something else filling the void. I propose that it is everything that has gone before existing simultaneously.

The original archetypes were built into everything. The potentiality for creativity, consciousness, mathematics, love, hope, all of it splattered all over. It created space/time as it went, it spread out into multitudinous dimensions all existing concurrently. Complexity increasing fractally.
This why we can still tap into these archetypes and pull out originality and creativity.

This allows for the potential of more primitive forms of energy or dimensions or archetypes to interact with the denser materials.
It is this interaction with all that has become that allows life to exist.
Things have not used a finite amount of stuff and simply changed form along one pattern to create conscious beings. It simply keeps on creating anything that can be created by the interaction of all that is created. Humans are not the culmination or the end point of biology, only one expression of it. Our genes seek to thrive and create of their own volition. Our memes create with similar volition. The reason we cannot reach the end of any divisions we make in the sciences is because the DIVISION ITSELF IS CREATING NEW LAYERS AS WE GO. All of creation is creation in a truly fractal, chaotic sense.

It falls within our ability to conceive that there will probably be a point of critical mass when the universe will begin to collapse on itself. Not because there is any limit to multiplicity, but because the creation of collapse or entropy is part of the pattern being created. If it is possible, it must be, and if it must be, it is possible. All these dimensions begin to fold back in on themselves and the whole thing collapses back into a singularity. We are back to ONE THING again. But this time the one thing contains all that has been created from its becoming, so it is now more than it was. All that has become has not ceased to be, it merely collapsed/expanded. The sphere collapses towards a singular point and with the volition of its containing creation it continues and turns inside out-


The whole splatter happens all over again, this time with new angles and curves creating new archetypes and governing laws.
And we humans with our magical consciousness are along for the ride. That consciousness does not cease to be, it contains all that has gone before and will yet contain more.

The singularity, like a mirror ball that shatters, becomes energy, fine particles, gross particles and all in between. These more gross shards of original mirror are our souls. It explains why we find "soul mates"- we broke off the same larger piece. The pieces of mirror become dirty and opaque with the gathered dust of existence. As the Buddhists surmised, we can work on cleaning off the dust to discover that we are part of something larger than our little shards, and that we all belong together. These shards can travel through existence gathering the dust of experience, so that when we do get back together after shedding our gross bodies we are more than when we started and yet the same.