Caught Synthbug long time ago from my Father who bought Walter(Wendy) Carlos' Switched on Bach when it was new. Took Piano lessons. Bought ARP Axxe as soon as I could afford it (still have it). Been playing with synths ever since.
Art school opened my mind and ear to new experiences, art everywhere; visual, aural, written, natural world, introspective, ancient.
Had a band or two, but always did better alone or with collaborations. Been through all the technology from beginnings of MIDI. Now rebuilding studio around GarageBand. Married 21 years, 2 kids, Creative Director for a major candy company. Life is busy, lots of hobbies as well as duties.
Influences: Synergy, TDream, W. Carlos (Clockwork Orange Timesteps being the seminal piece), Schutlze, Kraftwerk, Godley&Creme, Klaatu, Gong, Eno, Fripp, Belew, King Crimson, Isham, O'Hearn, Pink Floyd, Gabriel, Orb, Loop Guru, Cocteau Twins, Bel Canto, Kate Bush, ArtofNoise, BT, Enigma, Balligomingo and on and on.




Impermanent Things




Creatures Great & Small


Enrobed Tracks- click on each title to listen

Inward journey, Castenada style.
Vocals by Dave Kennedy

By the Long Beach
Lament for ruined Middle Eastern wisdom
words by Glenn Frantz

During all of man's pettiness Nature steps in and reminds us who's REALLY boss.
Vocal cut-ups by Glenn Frantz

Moon Sign
The universe creates itself, turns to chaos and returns to a singularity. vocal processing by Glenn Frantz

A dirge for Doug, passed too soon.
vocals processing by Glenn Frantz

Hidden Entrance
Gamalon insanity
vocals by Glenn Frantz

Azure Indigo
A composition with guest musicians:
Frank Tornoe- Bass, guitar
Alan Baldwin- Drums
Sara Ayers- vocals

The Earth Drinks
The living breathing Earth refreshes itself
Orchestral ambience by Glenn Frantz
Some Sara Ayers vocals

Music for the mind, for dreams,
imagination and alternate realities.
Second album produced digitally from 2003 to 2005. Created on a Macintosh G4 with Garage Band, Micro Korg, Roland MC303, Absynth soft synth and other software. "Found" sounds and vocals courtesy noted artists and sources.