Impermanent Things
Temporary mediums have always been a fancy of mine. Creating things that do not last have an inherent fanciful quality to them that forces the viewer to be in the moment rather than imagining some past event.




Impermanent Things




Creatures Great & Small


Sand castles
My Father taught me how to build sand castles. We always made castles when on vacation at Wildwood N.J. His specialty was pyramids, but I've always fancied castles. we use masonry tools such as trowels and spackling blades. It's just piled-up sand, packed tighly and carved. They take about 3-4 hours to build, they'd last the day until the tide came in and then kids usually jumped on them at that point.
Always loved Halloween.
Carving pumpkins is the most fun. I have collected a large number of carving saws and patterns over the years. I usually just draw the image right onto the pumpkin while looking at the pattern. I always do a few original designs.
I did all the large pumpkins except the butterfly done by Katie. Small pumpkins by Barb.
Lake Winola Carnival
Lake Winola Summer carnival takes place the first weekend in August.
There is a water parade of floats during the day and shore displays at night. Prizes are awarded for each. We have been participating since I was very young. This one, from 2003, is a Candy Land theme. The kids take part and have to stay active from dusk till 11:00. We won third place for this one.
It's all torn down the next day.
Christmas Lights
My Dad was always a big Christmas lights guy, so I follow in his footsteps.
Usually add one new element per year. The 60 foot pine tree presented an obvious choice for lights. So I climed it and permenently installed the lights up as far as I could reach. tried to put a star at the top but couldn't do it as the foliage was too dense at the top.