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Creatures Great & Small


Gardening and things of the Earth have always been a part of both of our background. We are thankful that we have a nice property which we can landscape and grow.
The Ponds
Our first pond consisted of a simple kit with a molded 95 gallon pond tub, small waterfall and pump. It was easy to put in and has lasted through five winters now. Our five Koi continue to grow and spawned last spring. The offspring are now destined for pond 2.
The pond space before construction in early spring 2000.
Pond right after construction. The huge stone in the front was dug out of the hole.
Katie at the pond. All the plantings fully grown in.
Always hungry Koi. There are five total. Since the Koi spawned last Spring, I guess I have to build a new pond to house the 25 fish that Barb raised.
Pond with lighting in the evening.
Breaking ground on pond 2 easter weekend 2006.
Laying out the head pools
Test with water flowing on the liner. It works! Pond tub is about 163 gallon. Two header pools feed a stream which flows into the main pond.
Most of the masonry is done. Now to start backfilling and planting. Then comes lighting.
Mother's Day weekend.
Backfilled and planted.
Beautiful bronze fountain by Sue Beatrice. Pond and ground plantings are in.
Lighting has yet to go in.