Our Family Tree.

My Grandfather, James Jay Woods III actually made one in wood when the tree was a little thinner.
He also did a great deal of research into our family lineage and kept records, which I now attempt to maintain. Eventually I'd like to enter all the data onto a lineage website.





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The James Jay Woods Legacy
One of the most interesting aspects of our family is the name above. My Grandfather really should be credited with starting the hullaballoo, since his Father was really just a "Junior". It's not a chauvinistic thing, just a way to
document our family in an interesting way. All the James Woods' were artisans of some sort or another.
James Jay Woods I
was born May 25, 1846 in Thattoheath, England.
This photo circa 1908 age 62.
Came to America around 1870 and married Mary Ann Watters Jan 1, 1872.
They had two sons; Thomas who moved back to England,
and James Jay II who stayed and worked with his Father in Pittston, PA at Cyclone Machine Co. making coal mining tools. JJWI is also credited with bringing the Terra cotta process to Dolan, Indiana where they had a tile and brick kiln used to build most of the structures of Indiana State University. In this period his wife died at age 25. he moved back to England and married a second time to Polly Newman, they had no children and after her death he returned to Pittston. Back in Pittston he also made poured concrete tombstones, urns and building blocks. Many of the tombstones and urns are still standing.
He died in Pittston Dec. 6, 1919 at age 73.
James Jay Woods II
called "Jim" was born Mar. 17, 1875 in Pittston, PA.
This photo circa 1930 age 55.
Married Clara Uttrodt April 23, 1896.
They had 5 sons and 4 daughters.
He and his brother Tom were "breaker boys" before the age of 10 at the local coal breaker. Worked for over 40 years as foreman of Cyclone Machine Co. making coal mining tools which he invented and patented. He was active in Loyal Patriots of America, Masonic Orders, politics and school boards. His hobby was remodeling homes and he bought a new Studebaker automobile every year or two. He was unusually strong, my Grandfather used to tell me stories of how he'd break off the shift lever of his car every now and then. And he would grab hot metal rods out of the furnace with his bare hands.
He died in Pittston April 26, 1938 age 63.
James Jay Woods III
Called "Jimmy" was born Nov. 23, 1910 in Pittston, PA.
This photo 1960 age 50.
Married Anne Louise Evans Sept 17, 1932.
They had 2 sons James J IV and David.
Also worked for a time at Cyclone Machine Co. and at Woolworth where he met Anne. Worked at Scranton Electric which became PP&L for 44 years. Active in First Presbyterian Church in Pittston as trustee and treasurer for some 25 years. Also active in West Pittston Drama League building scenery and rigging lighting. He had a well known sense of humor, playing good natured jokes on people and creating gag gifts. Did some interior home remodeling, but main hobby was woodworking. His miniatures, doll house furniture and dioramas were famous around the area. He taught me to draw and work with wood and power tools like the jigsaw. I spent my youth happily playing and learning in his workshop. He compiled family lineage and notes found here
He died in Pittston 1999 age 89.
James Jay Woods IV
Called "Jay" was born Nov. 27, 1938 in Kingston, PA.
This photo 1993 age 55.
Married Betty Lou Simonson Dec. 22, 1961
They had two children James J V (me) and Kimberly. Earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State. Worked at UGI as metering supervisor then joined Duncan Electric Co. in Lafayette, Indiana as sales representative. Then was promoted to Eastern Regional Manager when Duncan was purchased by Landis and Gyr. He was continuously lauded for his sales and management skills till he left the company for health reasons. He surpassed JJWII as a remodeler of six homes culminating in his grand finale at Lake Winola, PA. He loved building and landscaping and although never formally trained, mastered construction, plumbing, roofing, masonry, finish work and landscaping through his multitude of remodeling projects. He built a dollhouse for all the miniature furniture his father was making as an exact replica of our home in Reading, PA. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer late in 1994. He became involved with prostate cancer men's groups and the American Cancer Society as well as the community at large.
He died at Lake Winola Jan. 17, 1997 age 59.
James Jay Woods V
Called "Jamie" was born Oct. 20, 1962 in Forty Fort, PA.
This photo 2009 age 46.
Married Barbara Ann Ritter Sept. 29, 1984
They had two children James J VI and Katie.
Earned a degree in Graphic Arts at the Art Insttute of Philadelphia.
Worked 12 years at Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. and now employed at Frankford Candy. Also interested in remodeling though on a smaller scale than JJWIV as this web site shows. Growing up in JJWIII's workshop created a love of woodworking and arts and crafts in general. Having a father and grandfather who were so talented I couldn't help but get into building. My Father-in-law also was a handyman who taught me a lot of home repair. I inherited tools from all three.
James Jay Woods VI
Called "James" was born Jan. 16, 1993 in Darby, PA.
This photo 2008 age 16.
Now in High School, James is a clever, kind boy. He is excellent at Lego, especially Bionicles. Has a great sense of humor, reminisent of JJWIII. Plays video games online and is very creative in writing stories. Got to spend considerable time with his Grandfather and Great-Grandfather. There are many pictures of the four of us.