A lifelong Maker

   I am a maker. I have always made things ever since I can remember. I came by it honestly having a father and grandfather who were also makers. As a child I learned to work with tools in my Grandfather's workshop. As a hobby, he made gifts and fun things like puzzles, pendants , gag gifts and diorama scenes. Eventually branching out into making fine scale miniatures and doll house furniture. He showed me how to use a scroll saw at a very early age making jigsaw puzzles. My grandfather was very patient and taught me how to respect and work with hand tools and power tools alike. My father was also a maker, but of large scale things. As a hobby also he remodeled several houses and built additions. As I helped my father I learned all aspects of remodeling. I learned construction, plumbing, electrical, masonry, drywall, painting and finishing.

   As I grew up with these craftsmen I also developed a penchant for drawing and art in general. I remember playing a game with my grandfather where we would sit at the kitchen table and he would start drawing something he saw there. I would have to guess what it was before he was finished. Then it was my turn. So I learned observation and drawing skills as a fun game. Eventually it turned into a love of drawing for its own sake.

   This led me to go to art school and learn to turn my skills into a trade. I chose Graphic design and specialized in packaging. I enjoy the three dimensional aspect of package design and the creation of functional objects rather than just drawing or painting. Starting from my first job at a flexographic printing plate manufacturer, I learned the packaging graphics industry from the older, skilled craftsmen in the traditional style.

  It was the cusp of the computer revolution and I soon learned all the digital skills and software that were burgeoning in the 80s. "Desktop Publishing" became the new normal and the Macintosh computer with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were the tools of the trade. Eventually I found my way into the candy industry and applied all I had learned to packaging and actually creating the tooling for the candy itself. At Swell Philadelphia Chewing Gum I learned to manage an art department and several designers. At Frankford Candy I expanded my experience with Licensed candy Creating Nickelodeon and Disney character products. Working with designers and craftspeople such as photographers, sculptors and industrial designers rounded out my experience.

All the while keeping my interest in the tools and machinery of the trade.

   I have always kept up my drawing and painting as a personal hobby. but I aways gravitate towards making physical things. Having always loved model trains as a kid, I found a local Model Railroad club and applied all my skills to making modular model railroads and scenery. More recently I have been applying my love of woodworking to wood carving, wood sculpting and up-cycling or building useful home goods.

   I hope you enjoy what you see here on this site and I encourage everyone to take up a hobby making things. There is nothing more fulfilling!



Havertown, PA 19083